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Acne Scar and Skin pigmentation

Our ayurvedic herbal treatments helps in opening and cleaning skin pores, creating a healthy moisture balance for the skin. Our disease specific Ayurvedic approach promotes holistic healing from within. Our experienced doctors prescribe therapeutic herbal face packs that heal the skin according to the true essence of Ayurveda.  Treatments in Ayurveda helps penetrates deep in to the pores and clears up the acne and scars and allows the skin to heal. Our ayurvedic approach helps to prevent new acne blemishes and removes scars on the face.


Do I need a consultation for this?

Yes, these conditions are due to multiple factors, hence our ayurvedic doctors would be the best judge to holistically heal your ailments.

Does the acne subsides by this?

Depending on the concerns identified by our in house ayurvedic specialists, they may also advice internal medicines to heal and detox the body holistically.

Is these are purely herbal?

Yes, all ingredients are purely herbal and are perfected with years of ayurvedic practice hence there will not be any side effects.