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Snehavasthy & Kashayavashy

Vasthi treatment is designed to eradicate the vitiated Doshas and maintain a state of normalcy and equilibrium, which is fundamental basis of health. It helps in balancing the Vata doshas in our body. Vasti excellently decreases lower backaches, pain caused by gout and rheumatism, constipation. The entire body can benefit deeply from this colon purification therapy.

Vasthi plays a keyrole in the management of vatha disorders in ayurveda.There are two types of vasthi.

  • Sneha vasthi
  • kashyavasthi

FAQ : Vasthi@Ayurcare

What is the difference between both types of vasthis?

The difference lies in the ingredients,dosage .time of administration and disease condition

Is vasthi advisable for all?

Vasthi is contraindicated in weak person,emaciation,acute condition,with fever,obesity,diarrhoea,jaundice,anaemia and so on