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Hair Care Therapy


In Ayurveda, Sirodhara is regarded as one of the most relaxing ayurvedic therapies that lead the entire body into a complete rejuvenated state. It is an ayurvedic procedure where medicated ayurvedic oil is constantly dripped onto the forehead to revitalize the body and mind, diminishing the effect of everyday stress.


In this ayurvedic head massage medicated oils are massaged into the scalp,which is followed by steam and herbal pack.

Benefits of this ayurvedic treatment include moisturization the scalp, improving blood circulation,regaining hair growth and removing dryness from scalp

3.Thalapothichil (Herbal hair pack)

Thalapothichil is an ayurvedic treatment that involves covering the scalp with ayurvedic herbal paste. These constitute ayurvedic medicines that penetrate deep into the scalp and nourish the central nervous system. Using the true ayurvedic approach to internal healing.


Shiro pichu is an ayurvedic treatment procedure, swab or sterile cotton pad dipped in medicated oils is kept over the head for some time. Relieves head ache, migraine, improves sleep, memory, decrease eye strain, neck stiffness, hair treatment, neurological disorders, neck stiffness.