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Eye Care Therapy


Njavratheppu is an external application of cooked njavara (medicated rice) which helps to strengthen eye muscles, providing coolness to the eyes, removing lethargy and relaxes the eye.


In Ayurveda Nethra Tharpanam is an ayurvedic treatment to improve vison and promote deep cleansing of the eye. This ayurvedic treatment assists in lubricating and revitalizing the eyes as impurities are expelled and ailments are corrected.


This is an ayurvedic treatment that cleanses accumulated dust particles in the eye, wherein ayurvedic medicine is applied to the eye to assist in improving vision and prevents potential eye diseases caused by humidity and dust.


This therapy is for eye care. Herbal medicines are prepared into a paste. It is applied on the eyelids. Recommended in burning sensation in the eyes, itchy eyes