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About Us

Welcoming you into a world where nature predominates the essence of complete ayurvedic living.  Alandhaar Ayur, a well-known Ayurveda Health Institution in Oman focuses on authentic Kerala massages that are monitored by ayurvedic doctors in Oman.

With over a decade of experience, our professional Ayurvedic treatments in alandhaar is a household name when it comes to quality-oriented body massages. Our massages are custom-made with a unique blend of oils, spices, herbs as per the Kerala Ayurveda, with powerful curative and preventive properties for the human body.
Our expertise caters to an Ayurveda collection of Kerala-based treatments and massages that focus on rejuvenation and healing from within. Our doctors provide Ayurveda therapies for beauty, degenerative and autoimmune diseases, skin care, weight loss, stress management, hair, mental health, and even deep  body and skin type analysis.

A walkthrough into our thoughtfully designed Kerala ayurvedic centre that is based in Oman will help you understand that we have adequately trained men and women to serve you in the safest and most detailed manner. Our therapists are always keen to have a one-on-one consultation to understand the real issues and accordingly blend oils that give you the maximum benefits of the Ayurvedic Massage.