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Njavara Facial

In Ayurveda Njavara facial is an Ayurvedic treatment where rice rich in husk (Njavara) is turned into a medicated paste and massaged onto the face. It has a great effect in healing chapped and blemished skin by removing the dead skin layer. The benefits of Njavara facial is the milk and the other ingredients act as a good cleanser. Njavara rice is a good dust collector and at the same time cherishes the skin. It is also effective for wrinkles.


Importance of njavara rice?

This special ayurvedic rice bags reverse the oxidizing free radicals and it leaving skin smoother, younger and brighter in appearance.

How often should I do this facial?

In Ayurveda njavara facials are both a therapy as well as a preventive measure. Hence depending on skin type our doctor’s will advise you on how often you require the facial.

Is there any down-time?

Like most ayurvedic facials there is no down time however it is best to avoid sun exposure by using a strong spf.