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Disease Specific Therapy


It is an ayurvedic herbal bath where lukewarm herbal oils are applied all over the body in a rhythmic way continuously. It is useful in treating rheumatic problems, nerve weakness and hemiplegia.


This ayurvedic treatment is a method of eliminating toxins from tissues to promote metabolism and removes tension from muscles. This ayurvedic treatment involves the continuous flow of ayurvedic decoctions to the body.


Thakradhara is an ayurvedic treatment where Ayurvedic medicated buttermilk is poured over the head in a rhythmic manner to promote scalp health using the authentic ayurvedic approach. It is a great ayurvedic treatment to combat premature greying, anxiety, headaches, and several other haircare concerns.


During this ayurvedic procedure, the whole body or any specific part of body is made to perspire by applying certain medical puddings made of njavara rice externally in the form of small sacks and tied in muslin bags.

It is helpful in healing all types of rheumatism, pain in wrists, skin condition, diabetic neuropathy and all degenerative diseases.