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Beauty Care Therapy

1.Herbal Facial

Herbal facials in Ayurveda are ayurvedic treatments that are effective in eliminating undereye darkness and blackspots. It is also an effective ayurvedic method for skin tightening and toning. Our herbal preparations hydrates and oxygenates skin, promotes a healthy glow, exfoliate the dead skin cells, and take care of sagging of skin, pimples and tones up the skin.

2.Njavara Facial

In Ayurveda Njavara facial is an Ayurvedic treatment where rice rich in husk (Njavara) is turned into a medicated paste and massaged onto the face. It has a great effect in healing chapped and blemished skin by removing the dead skin layer. The benefits of Njavara facial is the milk and the other ingredients act as a good cleanser. Njavara rice is a good dust collector and at the same time cherishes the skin. It is also effective for wrinkles.


3.Anti-Ageing and skincare programme

Our unique ayurvedic treatments combine the richness of ayurvedic plant extracts, and cosmetic herbal like saffron and Aloe vera with aromatic herbal oil. This is deeply relaxing in all levels. Pure herbal facial mask containing synergy of cleansing herbal cosmetic oils, Our specifically customized Ayurveda facials detoxify, decongest, and stimulate your skin from within


4.Acne scar and Skin pigmentation

Our ayurvedic herbal treatments helps in opening and cleaning skin pores, creating a healthy moisture balance for the skin. Our disease specific Ayurvedic approach promotes holistic healing from within. Our experienced doctors prescribe therapeutic herbal face packs that heal the skin according to the true essence of Ayurveda.  Treatments in Ayurveda helps penetrates deep in to the pores and clears up the acne and scars and allows the skin to heal. Our ayurvedic approach helps to prevent new acne blemishes and removes scars on the face.