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Weight Loss Therapy


It is an anti-cellulite powder massage, in which herbal powder /herbal powder mixed with oil is rubbed in the body in the direction opposite to hair follicles.

It improves blood flow, revitalizes skin tone, enhances fat burn and thereby helps in weight reduction.


This Ayurvedic treatment is the heart of Ayurvedic weight loss therapies. It is a treatment that not only enhances weight loss but also helps with the reduction of cellulite and various other concerns. It is Extensively recommended in treating inflammatory diseases. The fermented liquid obtained after fermenting cereals and other herbs is poured over the body.


In some cases our Doctor may advise oral medications to boost metabolism and there by help in weight reduction


Detox therapy is very effective Ayurvedic treatment method that helps to eliminate accumulated toxins in our body, cleanses the intestines and enhances circulation to the skin. It includes balancing the equilibrium of digestive fire and bring all the toxins from periphery to the gastrointestinal tract. And then eliminated from there.

In weight loss therapies, Detoxification plays an important role as it eliminates toxins out of the body